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Lie Detector Test Southampton

The lie detector examination has been in use in the US for quite some time and now has come to be well-liked throughout the UK, probably as a result of chat shows just like The Jeremy Kyle Show and Tricia. Private Detectives Southampton offer you polygraph tests by professional certified trained examiners.

If you need to hire private detective services Private Detectives Southampton are the private investigators to use, you may require a lie detector or polygraph test in many different reasons like proving your own innocence in a partnership or work based issue. We visit your home or if you prefer a neutral place, for instance a motel or leisure centre meeting room to carry out the exam.

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Southampton Lie Detector Test

Need a team of professional investigators that has years of experience as well as high quality technical skills, then you are in the right place. As private investigators, we are here to give the best services in all areas of the United Kingdom. We're dedicated and known for our hard work as well as the strong foundation we built between our company's name, operations, and clients. Our name is Private Detectives Southampton. With the experience, dedication, determination, and years of maintaining client satisfaction not other company can beat that. As Southampton Private eye detectives, we have been able to complete thousands of investigations in an orderly fashion and have been able to bring justice to those who are in need of evidence. Our investigations consist or various categories including fraud, cheating partners, searching for long-lost loved ones and so forth. However, our most recent investigation involved trying to find if a husband was cheating and was detecting a lie. The alleged husband denied the accusation which resulted in the wife reaching out to our team of professional private investigators to put an end to her suspicions.

Lie Detector Test in Southampton

Only a small percentage, dealing with this situation would just believe the alleged cheater but the majority seeks help for proof and that's what our client did. After meeting up with the couple, our Southampton investigators had begun the process of hooking the husband up to the machine. The machine measures the response of those tested. This enables the tester to decide if the person being tested is being truthful or deceitful. During the lie detector test, the husband became hysterical and wanted to leave, but the wife wouldn't let this happen for the reason she wanted closure. However, we did calm the husband down to begin the process of asking the test question. Before we began asking the required questions, we began asking sample questions, His name, Age, and his wife's name. While asking these questions we pay attention to the way the husband responded such as his breathing pattern, heart rate, facial expression, hand fidgeting etc.

Upon completing the sample questions, we continued to the real questions. While in the process of asking these questions, we continued to pay close attention to the husband's response. The results showed he indeed was deceitful while trying to beat the test by breathing slow which never works. While we were able to explain to the wife what was going on she became very angry and immediately filed for divorce. Although this was a very difficult task, for the reason this test lied heavily on the future of their marriage, we still managed to get our composure and professionalism to give her the evidence she sought when hiring our team. While she wasn't happy her husband cheated, she was highly satisfied with our services and recommend her family and friends to us. That's something many companies in the investigating industry will never see. As we continue serving our clients with the best quality investigative services, we will continue to work hard to keep up with the latest technologies to provide services you will never get anywhere else.

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