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It is a difficulty when staff productiveness abruptly minimizes and you are unsure why this is happening. Perhaps a new staff member has not yet acquired the right pace or they are not the correct person for the task. Before you start to lose business because deadlines are not being met and schedules are moved to accommodate, whatever the reason you need to find out what it is.

At Private Detectives Southampton we provide you with employee monitoring services that can recognize the main reasons behind your situation with your employees. Perhaps a particular individual is preventing other workers from functioning by distracting them or fooling around or perhaps the staff are taking much longer lavatory or smoke breaks each day. These queries may be resolved by our employee monitor tracking by means of monitoring with hidden video cameras and lie detector test among other techniques.

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Private Detectives Southampton are known for our fantastic, high skilled operations. We are a hardworking team of investigators whose main mission is to complete every task accurately while building a strong foundation of happy customers. When our customers look for an investigation team that not only has the qualifications and years of experiences, they look for the dedication and great clients services being offered and that's exactly what they see when they look for such services from our Southampton private eye team. Private Detectives Southampton is in Southampton. We have been around for many years due to the success of bringing forth happy clients upon completing successful investigations. Serving our clients with the best service in the area, not only help dignify what our company stands for but make help other around us or in the same industry realize our business is based on our clients trust and without that we would not be standing as strong. However, when in the mist of investigation, we believe by gathering as much relevant information about the situation as possible will help the process of a successful investigation.

Employee Monitoring in Southampton

Obtaining enough information leads to the next process, figuring what investigator tools we need in order to complete successfully. Our investigator tools help us capture relevant evidence involving certain situations such as a cheating spouse, theft, untruthful teens, and so forth. As private eye detectives, we know how important it's for our clients to come to us with the best knowledge and equipment therefore we take every opportunity that arises to enhance our knowledge as well as our equipment allowing us to stay ahead of competing companies. On average our investigating tasks deals with having to place hidden cameras in areas that you would not spot easily. In reference to one investigation that involved hiring our team to place and install hidden cameras around the workplace including the break room. The employer wanted our team of private eye detectives to watch their employees for extended break while keeping track of time. For example, if someone had forgotten to clock in before the shift began or after break. This will allow the manager on duty to give evidence that the employee did work during the alleged times. On the other hand, upon the request of the employer, they wanted their employees informed that the cameras were installed around the workplace.

Although, installing hidden cameras in the work place was to monitor their employees break time, we were also able to monitor their customer's shopping habits to reduce shrink as well as for security purposes of the employees. We were also able to catch a few employees grazing. Of course, we called corporate and the store manager to ensure they had knowledge of what was going on. They did fire the employee for the reason that he broke company's grazing policy. Whenever you are in need of find an investigative service, look us up we're here for you ever step of the way.

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